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The Making of Masters

The Making of Masters

As we closed out our Gen Blue 2017 conference in Las Vegas last week and wrapped up yet another successful Coldwell Banker Global Luxury? certification course, I was struck with pride. Our elite luxury marketing program distinguishes the Coldwell Banker® brand in many ways. However, what makes the program truly singular in the industry is our laser-eye focus on providing continuous education to professionals — even at the highest level of real estate.

The Making of Masters

Craig Hogan, Aylin Pelan Onar, Diane Varney, Wendy Walker and Daveed Hollander.

As John F. Kennedy once said, “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” Success in the luxury real estate sector requires confidence, consistency and a commitment to lifelong learning. Confidence comes from repetition; expertise comes from intense practice and a perpetual desire to sharpen your skill set. There is something even more important at work when you examine how expertise is not only formed but maintained through time. Look at any respected trade or craft throughout history, and you will see that there were great masters behind it, handing down their knowledge to the next generation. Look at the top performers in the luxury real estate industry. More often than not, they studied with devoted teachers. This idea forms the very foundation of the Coldwell Banker Global Luxury program. Knowledge is handed down by our top agents themselves — not by corporate executives with MBAs and little experience selling real estate. Those who sell real estate at the highest level in our brand share their expertise with others freely. That’s the simple beauty of our program that remains virtually untouched in our industry.

Our enduring belief is that experts are made, not born. Masters create masters. Excellence breeds excellence. The higher we go in our trade, the more that is expected of us. When you are selling in the top 5% of the marketplace, the affluent consumer has every right to expect excellence. I am proud to say that we are in the business of excellence. The numbers back up our excellence, too: the Coldwell Banker network has 70 million engagements on social media, 65 million views on YouTube and over 62,000 state-of-the-art presentations created so far in 2017 alone. It’s why the Coldwell Banker network sells $129.6 million in $1 million homes each and every day.* Just like Coldwell Banker’s latest highlight reel makes clear: we’re not playing for second place.

* Average daily sales. Data based on closed and recorded transaction sides of homes sold for more than $1 million (USD$) or more as reported by the U.S. Coldwell Banker® franchise system for the calendar year 2016.