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Real Estate Open House Benefits

Real Estate Open House Benefits: Open houses, do they, in fact, sell your home? In this two-part video series, I’m gonna be exploring the pros and cons of those infamous open houses. Stay tuned, you’ll see I’m Kiwi. This is Kiwi of the Coast, your luxury real estate specialist helping you maximize and sell the value of your coastal home.
Now if you’re new to the new channel, don’t forget to subscribe. Let’s jump in. Open houses, what are they?
Well by definition, this is an occasion when prospective buyers or tenants can without an appointment go by and view a home that’s for sale or lease. So here are some of the benefits.

Benefit number one, internet buyers. Now it’s no secret that 98% of the buyers starting their search are starting that search online. So that’s all very well, but they still have to experience the home. So what better way than to present your home and showcase it in its best format so that those internet buyers at their leisure and without pressure can come and experience your home, literally wrap that home around them at their convenience, relax on the couch, maybe ask a whole bunch of questions at the open house, and so get them closer to a point where they’re gonna be making an offer. Don’t miss out on that opportunity to showcase your home with those internet buyers because guess what, those open houses are all advertised all over the internet, and you could be one of them and be benefiting from that today.

Number two is a convenience for the seller. Think about it, you can present your home and open it up to prospective buyers one time so that you don’t have to keep doing it multiple times. Very convenient for the seller and frankly, also for those prospective buyers out there too. So convenience, think of that.

Number three is it takes the pressure off those buyers, especially those internet buyers who wanna come and not be pressurized by having to make an appointment with a particular agent. And also, normally an appointment is around 15 to 30 minutes. They can come without pressure, they being those prospective buyers, relax, they can stay for a whole hour if they want. So taking the pressure off is number three.

Number four is additional exposure for your home. It’s a truth that the more eyeballs, the more people that you have looking at your home, the faster it’s going to sell. So here’s a unique opportunity with a well-crafted open house to be able to attract more viewers, thereby more buyers, and potentially sell your home faster. Number five is buyers actually love open houses, and you can tell that this is true by the number of open house signs that you see any Saturday or a Sunday in your particular marketplace. Don’t let those folks go to someone else’s home just because it’s open. Also, a recent study said that at least half of the buyers out there gather a lot more property information by going to an open house. They can find out more about how the home feels, about dues, about taxes, about the neighborhood. So not to be missed, those open houses.

Hey, I hope you found all that information valuable.

Now it’s time for the Kiwi Squeeze. Hey, it’s Kiwi Squeeze time, and this is where I get to ask you for the juice. Question of the sellers out there, did an open house help sell your home? Do share. Comment down below and I just can’t wait to read your responses.

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