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Real Estate Open House – 5 Pitfalls of real estate open houses

Real Estate Open House – Open houses, do they help you sell your home or are they just a waste of time? Now in the second video of our Open House series I’m gonna be examining some of the pitfalls of holding those open houses.

This is Kiwi of the Coast helping you maximize and sell the value of your coastal home.

Open houses by definition is an occasion whereby the perspective buyers and tenants can come and view a home that’s for sale or lease without an appointment. But here are some of the pitfalls.

Look, it’s true this is a public event. So potentially you’re gonna get people walking in that cannot qualify, not even interested in buying. You may even get neighbors that are coming for a bit of a snoop. Or even for some design ideas. But rest assured a skilled agent with a carefully crafted script can determine who’s real and who’s not. Now, those neighbors coming into that open house they’re actually a great source. Because guess what? The buyer in the room at that open house now has someone they can talk to the third party. Not as an agent. But the third party to ask about the neighborhood. Think about it for a minute. That neighbor that’s in there having a bit of a snoop when asked by a buyer hey do you like living here? Is this a great neighborhood? That particular neighbor is more likely to say it’s a great neighborhood. We love living here. Because otherwise, they’d look kind of silly, wouldn’t they? For living in the same neighborhood. So, don’t be afraid of the lookie-loos and those unqualified buyers. They got sorted and sifted real quick with skilled agents like us.
Look it’s true essentially the general public is coming to view your home. So we always advise to take precautions. Lock away all your valuables. Safeguard all those family heirlooms. It’s just common sense. Make sure that they’re not out at an easy range of all those people looking. Now, also what we do is we often have multiple agents to safeguard the home so that prospective buyers are not just touring around on their own. They’re being escorted around. So better safety and security. And let’s face it, in most of the communities that we work which are gated the risk of the security and safety issue is somewhat mitigated. But remember it’s a concern. Common sense tells you to safeguard your valuables. solely in an open house. Now, why is this? Well, 98% of those buyers are making their first inquiries online. So while it’s true that the open house solely doesn’t necessarily generate their buyer the fact is that you need that open house because of all of those folks that have been initiating their online search. So just keep that in mind that an open house solely on its own not a very good generator. But you need to have a go-to place for all of those folks out looking through other means. commonly said that open houses are really just for agents to pick up buyers. And yes, there’s truth to this. But remember you only need one buyer for your home. And what if through the skilled efforts of a real estate team that that particular buyer was secured by a prior open house. Nurtured, followed-up with and then brought to your home at an open house. You see, it’s part of a bigger process. You only need one buyer. So don’t be afraid that perhaps that agent does pick up a few more prospects that aren’t a fit for your home. But perhaps they’ll be a fit for the next home. And consequently prior open houses could be benefiting you right now in your neighborhood. Number five crowded open houses can deter some buyers. And maybe they walk out. It’s not what they’re looking for. They need more of a private showing. I get this. But, let’s think about it for a moment. The buyers that are coming in seeing a home where there’s other interested parties can actually get those folks off the fence in making offers. Because they’re saying, wow this home is popular. I don’t want to miss out. So the idea of a crowded house I think works more in your favor than against.

The bottom line is an open house carefully crafted and showcased actually is a unique opportunity to allow all of those buyers who have been searching online to experience your home firsthand. So, in my opinion, the benefits far outweigh the pitfalls of an open house. Happy open housing.

– Now it’s time for the Kiwi Squeeze. and this is where I get to ask you the juice. So have you had a bad experience with an open house? Do share. Comment down below. And I just can’t wait to read your responses.

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