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Real Estate Open House Benefits

Real Estate Open House Benefits: Open houses, do they, in fact, sell your home? In this two-part video series, I'm gonna be exploring the pros and cons of those infamous open houses. Stay tuned, you'll see I'm Kiwi. This is Kiwi of the C...

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What Is A Pocket Listing In Real Estate?

What Is A Pocket Listing In Real Estate? Where can you find real estate pocket listings? Can anyone purchase a real estate pocket listing? Brought to you by Marcus "Kiwi" Gualter, your luxury real estate specialists. People always a...

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Real Estate Home Seller Objections

So people always ask me, "Kiwi, "what are the seller objections "that you mostly run into that "you feel inhibit the seller's ability to sell their home "and ultimately cause the seller's home to sell for less?" Well, stick around and w...

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Buying a Home Without an Agent

- This is Kiwi the Coast, your luxury real estate specialist, helping you maximize and sell the value of your coastal home. So you're about to go it alone in your home buying pursuit. You've had your coffee, you've opened your laptop, y...

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How to get the Best Home Appraisal

How to get the best home appraisal? An increased appraisal value improves the amount of loans you can get for repairs, expansions and second mortgages. So how do you get how to get the best home appraisal? If you decide to sell the home, a...

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The Making of Masters

As we closed out our Gen Blue 2017 conference in Las Vegas last week and wrapped up yet another successful Coldwell Banker Global Luxury? certification course, I was struck with pride. Our elite luxury marketing program distinguishes the Co...

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Luxury Moving: Move Like A-Listers

Picture this, movers that provide luxury car transportation, private plane transport, estate managers, nanny services, pet care and more: everything you could possibly need during a move. That is Luxury Moving. Celebrities have been usin...

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